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Professional Touch - Since 2015


Pro Touch is approved vendor to major companies, Saudi Aramco, Yasref, Royal Commission etc., considered as the leader and most reliable source of electrical, mechanical and industrial products and contracting services. Supply and rental of power generation, lifting and other heavy equipment.


A 100 % Saudi establishment in Yanbu, has grown since its inception to one of the leading prefab manufacturer and service providers to deliver high quality and reliable services to the oil and gas industry and contractors all over Saudi Arabia.

Pro Touch is committed to high quality and safety standards; with provision of services in accordance with professional and ethical values. Our team possesses high expertise and fully familiar with Saudi Aramco procedures in procurement, inspection and delivery. Professional Touch with the help of Allah Almighty, has achieved sustained high growth and profitability rate over the past few years. The level of continuous demand of our products and services, necessitates more financial support to cater for the ever increasing requirements of clients due to credibility and trust and optimum quality service.

Pro Touch focus is to provide experienced, value-added services to our clients in Saudi Arabia, Arabian Gulf Countries; GCC and the Middle East.

Approved Vendor

Professional Touch has gained many of his customer trust, due to his quality material, services and customer relationship. Making them an approved vendor to several KSA renowned company know for there quality and safety standards. Includes,

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