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Rental Division

The rental department provides daily and weekly professional touch, monthly rates of equipment and rental tool for construction and industrial applications, and we offer a wide range of rental of industrial construction equipment and essentials in the construction industry

List of Rental Equipment

Product List

The leasing department offers rental of lifting equipment such as:

1 - crawler cranes,

2 - tower cranes,

3- Off-road cranes

4- crane cranes, etc.



The rental department provides power generation equipment such as:

1- Diesel generators

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2- Electrical generator

3- Portable generators

Trucks and Trailers

The leasing department offers trucks such as:

1 - Tipper trucks

2- Water trailers

3. Facilities services

4. Drag dolls, etc.

Local transport

The rental department provides rental of local transportation such as:
1 - Open Dina
2- Buses
3- Minibuses
4. Trailers, etc.


The professional touch has the ability to supply manpower according to the client's requirements related to plant engineering, project management, factory maintenance, factory operation, etc.

Road & Pavement

The rental department provides rental of compact equipment and paving such as:

1- Plate Rammer

2 - The landfill

3- Plate Compactor

4. Road Rollers

Material handling

The Material Handling Equipment Rental Section provides:

1- Forklifts

2 - Manlifts

3 - Pocket cranes

4- Pallet Jack, etc.

Tower lights

Our rental department offers mobile lighting towers for construction sites, road works, mines, ports, airports, emergencies and remote areas.

The Earth-movers

We offer to rent such as:

1- Excavators

2- Wheel Loaders

3- Excavators

4- Bulldozers

5. Tractors, etc.


Our Riggers specializes in lifting and transporting very large or heavy objects, often with the aid of a crane or Derek or chain jacks.

Pumping equipment

The leasing department provides rental of pumping equipment such as:

1- High pressure pumps,

2- Industrial pumps

3- Submersible pumps

4. Portable pumps, etc

Con'c and building materials

Rental Department offers rental of concrete and construction equipment:
1- Con'c pumping machine

2- Con'c mixer
3. Con'c cutting and drilling


Approvals and Certificates

3rd party certified
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